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本文摘要:Tropical House Urveel / Design Work Group. Image © Photographix耐火砖是什么,有什么用?What Are Refractory Bricks and What Are They For?从黄色到灰色,再到传统的红色和橙色,砖在许多都会中无处不在,并广泛用于修建工程。简而言之,传统砖的制造历程包罗将粘土成型,并在炉子里烧制,制作实心砖、穿孔砖、科博哥砖、瓷砖和其他形式的砖。


Tropical House Urveel / Design Work Group. Image © Photographix耐火砖是什么,有什么用?What Are Refractory Bricks and What Are They For?从黄色到灰色,再到传统的红色和橙色,砖在许多都会中无处不在,并广泛用于修建工程。简而言之,传统砖的制造历程包罗将粘土成型,并在炉子里烧制,制作实心砖、穿孔砖、科博哥砖、瓷砖和其他形式的砖。陶瓷砖自制易得,具有很强的抗性、热惯性和外貌处置惩罚能力,而且不需要专业的施工能力。

但如果将这种砖放置在高热源四周,最终会泛起开裂、断裂的情况,相比之下,耐火砖越发适合,这意味着什么呢?Ranging from yellow, to gray, to traditional red and orange, bricks are ubiquitous in many of our cities and widely used in construction. Briefly, the manufacturing process of traditional bricks involves molding clay and firing it in ovens, facilitating the creation of solid blocks, perforated blocks, cobogós, tiles, and other shapes. Ceramic bricks are inexpensive; easy to find; boast strong resistance, thermal inertia, and finish; and do not require such specialized labor for construction. But if the installation is done near sources of high heat, the common brick will end up cracking and breaking, making refractory bricks more suitable. But what does that mean?Andrey Solovev (shutterstock)看似矛盾的是,在1000℃以上的烤箱中烧过的质料不能蒙受高温,其实,主要问题是热打击。当普通砖与热源接触时,会迅速膨胀,当热源停止时(好比火熄灭),质料就会收缩。这些温度的突然变化会影响结构的稳定性,会形成裂痕等严重问题。


耐火质料是指那些能够蒙受高温而不被高温破坏其结构、电阻或导热性的质料。就砖质料而言,耐火砖的化学身分与普通砖差别,这会影响其颜色和导热系数。It may seem contradictory that a material that has been burned in ovens at temperatures of more than 1000° C cannot withstand high temperatures. In fact, the main problem is thermal shock. When the common brick comes into contact with a heat source, it expands quickly. When the source ceases (the fire extinguishes, for example), the material contracts. These sudden changes in temperature affect the stability of the structure and can form cracks and other serious problems. Refractory materials are those that can withstand high temperatures without the heat damaging their structure, resistance, or thermal conductivity. In the case of bricks, the chemical composition of refractories is different from that of regular bricks, which also influences their color and thermal conductivity.photowind (shutterstock)baxys (shutterstock)对于家庭用途,如烤箱、烧烤炉和壁炉,使用的耐火砖通常由粘土组成,主要含有氧化铝和二氧化硅,这些元素能够蒙受高温。



硅石的颜色比力昏暗,而氧化铝的外观比力黄。For domestic uses, such as ovens, barbecue grills and fireplaces, the refractory bricks used are usually composed of clay containing mainly alumina and silica, elements capable of withstanding high temperatures. While alumina has reflective qualities, silica is an excellent insulator. The more alumina present in the mixture, the higher the temperature that the brick will endure (an essential consideration for industrial uses) and the more expensive the piece will be. Silica has a more grayish tint, while alumina has a more yellowish appearance.AntoshchukLana (shutterstock)除了技术功效外,另有修建师使用外露的耐火砖来制作和装饰外貌。在设计事情小组开发的“热带之家Urveel”项目中,耐火砖有多种使用方式,有时出现出像“Indian jali”一样的多孔形式,有时不透明且有纹理,有时形整天井,有时作为配景,这些砖可以应用在整个屋子里。In addition to the technical function, there are architects who use exposed refractory bricks to build and coat surfaces. In the Tropical House Urveel project, developed by Design Work Group, refractory bricks were used in several ways. Sometimes porous like an "Indian jali," sometimes opaque and textured, sometimes forming a patio and sometimes acting as a background, these bricks were seen throughout the house.Tropical House Urveel / Design Work Group. Image © PhotographixOleksandr Rostunov (shutterstock)除了砖自己,所使用的砂浆也必须能蒙受高温。


为了制止质料损失或更严重的事故,设计前期需要支付一点时间与精神,例如努力寻求专家和制造商的建议。In addition to the bricks themselves, the mortar used must also withstand high temperatures. Thus, it is usually composed of special aggregates such as vermiculite and refractory clay. Like the bricks, it can also contain alumina (Al2O3), mullite-zirconia, and other materials.It is always important to emphasize that, when designing or building structures that will come in contact with fire, it is essential to pay attention to the materials used in concert with local regulations. This amount of care is a little price to pay to avoid material losses or more serious accidents. Seeking advice from experts and manufacturers is always essential.由专筑网邢子,小R编译【专筑网版权与免责声明】:本网站注明“泉源:专筑网”的所有内容版权属专筑网所有,如需转载,请注明出处。